Clwydian Fell Race Series

Decided to throw in a bonus award (Series Plate) for the best runner across all 3 races that we now are involved with. Obviously the runner has to finish all three races. Single category based on %age of winners time. Will be an ongoing series – i.e. updated after every race.

Scores-on-the-doors heading into the Clwydian Hills on the 21st Oct – 5 runners & riders are in the frame:
Hayley Evans leading the way. Simo Caps in 2nd & Tim Hargreaves in 3rd.

Sheeptracks 02:28:56 CMR 0:32:42 Hills Score %
Hayley Evans 03:08:53 27% 0:41:35 27% 27%
Simo Caps 03:27:37 39% 0:41:38 27% 33%
Tim Hargreaves 03:38:20 47% 00:43:00 31% 39%
Huw Lewis 04:01:40 62% 0:43:25 33% 48%
Richard Borne 04:24:05 77% 00:41:02 25% 51%

If anyone else thinks they have done previous 2 races let me know as I don’t have a system yet to ‘capture’ runners automatically so its a case of manually checking the lists….

Tales of Trophy Maker

So I was looking for novel trophies for the new race and came across a pair of brass sheep on fleabay. You know the kind of thing your nan (or nain if you’re welsh) would have had on the fire hearth. So skimming thro I came across 2 identical pairs, one pair for £15 and one pair for $469.99 (circa $600 including import tax) from Detroit. So guess which pair I went for….?

So either I got a great bargain or the person trying to pass these off as Victorian antiques from the US is full of BS. Either way these are soon to placed with pride next to someones 42″ plasma screen or else shoved under their bed……

Champion Ewe & Ram Trophies

Right. Next job…..