Clwydian Series Trophy Update

So for Sheeptracks next weekend: on top of… or maybe underneath…. no definitely on top of 😉 the WFRA Championship & North Wales Series we also have the Clwydian Fell Race Series Trophy to sort out. This is awarded after every race (3 times a year – Cilcain Mountain Race, Clwydian Hills & Sheeptracks) on an ongoing basis. It is really a thankyou to the runners who continually support these events, the local area & the local Mountain Rescue Team – NEWSAR. It is more like a Hug than a Trophy 🙂

To be in with a chance you have to run 3 consecutive races. Missing one race eliminates you until you bank 3 in a row so natural attrition of injuries, family weddings, hangovers, etc means the field is usually pretty small in the final reckoning (makes it easier for me for prizes!!)

So it looks like we are down to 4 runners for this round. Hayley Evans took the first series win after Hills in Oct but she has got some tough competition from fellow Buckley Runner Jez Brown this coming weekend. Hanging in there also are Clwydian regulars Richard Borne (Abergele Mysteruns) and back from injury the one and only Nigel ‘Graphene’ Crompton (Pensby Runners).

The other news is that we have a rather splendid new trophy that I believe may become a sought-after prize. It will certainly test the runners upper body strength.

Runners & Riders heading into last week of registration:

CMR 0:32:42 Hills 01:24:40 Sheeptracks Score %
Jez Brown 00:33:41 3% 01:24:53 0% 2%
Hayley Evans 00:41:35 27% 01:35:04 12% 20%
Richard Borne 00:41:02 25% 01:48:49 29% 27%
Nigel Crompton 00:48:00 47% 01:51:43 32% 39%
Reigning Champion Ewe – Hayley Evans (Buckley) – Can she fend off Jez Brown to retain the Series Trophy?