Online Entry – OPEN

Clwydian Hills 14.5km 900m AM LK NS
Sunday 27th 2019 11am

Closes Thursday 24th Oct but also entries available on day
Race Entry £6. U18 £2.
Includes free refreshments, soup & roll, cakes + souvenir coaster.
Entry on day still allowed. Please arrive in good time to register & read safety information.

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* WFRA Qualifier means fully paid up WFRA Member by 1st April

All online entrants must report to registration prior to race to pick up race numbers, read safety information & sign declaration.
Payment details will be sent with the bounce email after form submission. Please check spam folder if this does not arrive within a few hours. If still nothing then drop me a mail or messenger.

Any personal data is stored only for the purpose of the race and is destroyed shortly thereafter. The data is not shared to anyone other than the RO. This includes both online data, emails and printed entry forms (which are shredded following publication of final race results). The only exception are that the personal contact details of trophy winners are kept (spreadsheet accessible only by the RO and printed copy kept in the race documents store) until the trophy is returned for the next race.

Check spam folders if you do not receive confirmation email within 12 hours. Entries also available on day from 9.30am in the village hall.