Summer Blasts

Try again – New for 2021 – maybe – 3 short mid-week evening races suitable for all.

The Summer Blast races prime aim is to introduce fell running to the younger generation. The courses are laid out as simple circular routes with only two or three turn points. Suitable for competant over-12s to run by themselves – under-12s have to run with a parent/guardian. Everyone runs the same course. Slightly more traditional than other races in the area, they go up, then they go down (steeply). Expect slips, trips & falls. Of course you older ones can always do 2 laps 😉

I am hoping to have a few pop-up skill workshops before the races, again primary aimed for the younger runners but may open up to others if numbers allow. These will be booked beforehand.

Full WFRA safety guidance still applies.