If you plan to use it – you need to practice. Read the info on here and the MapRun website if you are not familiar – it will save you pain on the hill.

Download MapRun6 app (don’t download MapRun (or MapRunF) – they are the older versions). Always download & run the latest version.

Garmin watch users can also now use MapRunG direct on their watches:

Main Tips:

  • Ensure your ‘location services’ are set to Always ON whilst using the app.
  • Ensure you have enough battery! iPhone battery life is poop – so take a powerbank or extender case. The main thing that kills the battery is the screen. So use your map not the app.
  • You can (in Options & Settings) set the app to display your present location & track for some courses (though this is locked for some) I would suggest you practice with them OFF. You can look at your track afterwards in the bath.
  • Ensure you change the default notification noise for the app – something not your standard ping – so you don’t get a text message and think you have triggered a control.
  • Turn the volume up LOUD.
  • Pop the phone in a waterproof case if required.
  • You can practice by setting up your own course (see here)

When you are ready to go:

  • Ensure the Start triangle is triggered as you start
  • Ensure you don’t trigger the Finish – until you actually finish
  • When on course – if the points DON’T trigger – do not run around in circles trying to get it to trigger. Some phone GPS processors can drift and generally not be so good. Better branded phones are generally better. I may be able to correct these missed triggers afterwards (I can see your track hence I know you have been there!)
  • If you notice drift and you are not triggering the controls you could try running a GPS Widget/GPS Lock app on your phone. These keep the GPS active and should stop the phone from putting it to sleep. My own chinese brand phone does drift even with these things on…

Drop me a mail if you have any difficulties.

Background to MapRun

MapRun grew out of another app MyOMaps. It is programmed by a keen orienteer from Brisbane Australia initially funded by the Australian Sports Foundation.

MapRun6 is the latest incarnation with several developments. It is still under development so may have a few wobbles & bugs (but don’t we all).