John Morris Points

John Morris Points Courses 

John gave me a points score map of the Clwydians maybe 2 years ago now and it laid on the shelf looking at me until now. I thought some of you may get some interest from it. Many of the original (red disk) markers are now faded (pink) and some are missing (posts replaced). I will hopefully reinstate some of these if I get chance so the people who want to just use paper maps can do so – and know when they are at the actual control rather than floating in the wilderness.


Start is the circular viewpoint in the north car park. Finish is by the parking meter in the south car park. Don’t run past the finish until you finish!

Short Course 1-hour – online as JM_Short

  • Collect as many controls in the 60 minute period.
  • 10 controls each worth 20 points each – so 200 points maximum
  • Lose 10 points for every minute late.
  • I reckon this is 10k and 500m
  • Map: JM_Short_60min 1:12500 scale (double 25k scale)

I have renumbered the control points to those that you see on the red markers. This is to allow me to run the long course as a true variable score point course. I will look to renumber the marker posts and replace those missing (note: #11 is missing and I forgot to check #22 yet – runners red mist!).

Long Course 3-hour – not yet online

About 26km & 1300m – so circa Sheeptracks distance to complete but obviously you don’t need to do the entire thing to be ‘scored’.

John Morris Points from Cilcain (to avoid BPB!)

Start/finish from the waterworks. Park by the waterworks, up in the village responsibility or even the viewpoint parking above the village.
Map JM_Cilcain 1:25k at A4
2 hour points course. 28 controls @ 20 per control. Penalty 10 points per minute late. You will not get them all – this is a strategic one!