NotRaces Series

Designed as post-lockdown challenges (open races) whilst we wait for the racing to return.

As Covid-19 restrictions lift please be mindful of the local communities. No large groups, no littering, close all gates, please support local businesses but not at the expense of the local community. Run safe, enjoy yourself.

New NotRaces for September posted NOW. Competition closes Sunday 4th October.

Qualifying runs will be counted anytime during this period. This will allow people to run weekdays & weekends when best suits their schedule. I am suggesting bragging rights for each individual event, a combined total and a club/team brag – lets say combined (reverse order points) of best 3 club/team runners.

If sending a gpx file: else take a pic at the start finish and each checkpoint. If you want to do full old skool then just record your times at start/fin & each checkpoint and email through – I will take your word on it.

Please consider donating a small amount (£2) to support these ongoing projects.

Results – MapRunF:
I will post a separate roll of honour results sheet including the manual entries etc.

GPX file upload link:

September Courses – entries 1st (Sep) – 4th (Oct)

Bryn Alyn (and Findeg) BS LK/NS – open
Circa 9.5k 350m mostly path & trail (easier)
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/Sept/BrynAlyn

Worlds End AM LK/ER/NS – open
14-16k 750m mostly path, tricky ascent/descent dependant on route, few bit of good nav/recce required for best lines (tough)
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/Sept/WorldsEnd

Tal Y Fan AL LK/ER/NS – open
Circa 20k 1200m up down trail path rough arse descents – hard day out if the sea mist rolls in (tougher)
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/Sept/TalYFan

August Courses – still open to run

Llanarmon Challenge
Circa 12k 500m mostly trail & paths (easiest nav)
Map 1:25000 @ A4
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/August/LlanarmonChallenge

Llangynhafal Challenge (The Green Green Grass then a bit more)
Circa 11k 550m mixture of fell and trail
Map 1:25000 @A4
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/August/LlangynhafalChallenge

Halkyn Challenge
Circa 14.5k 330m mostly trail but good navigation test if not familiar with area (most difficult nav)
Map 1:25000 @ A4
Halkyn Challenge 25k
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/ClwydNotRaces/August/HalkynChallenge

July Courses – still open to run

Llanferres Challenge
Circa 10.5k 550m mostly trail & paths with a tiny bit of fell (easiest)
Map 1:25000 @ A4
Llanferres Challenge Map
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/July/LlanferresChallenge

Cilcain Challenge
Circa 12.5k 550m mostly trail but with a few ‘fell’ options available.
Map 1:25000 @ A4
Cilcain Challenge Map
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/July/CilcainChallenge

Horseshoe Challenge
Circa 12k 700m mixture of fell and trail (most difficult)
Map 1:25000 @A4
Horseshoe Challenge Map
MapRunF file: Select events: UK/Wales/Clwyd/NotRaces/July/HorseshoeChallenge