Helm’s Deep Race Entry

If you have previously entered (Penbarras Blast/Foel Fenlli) then just send a “I want to run” email to clwydianfellrace@gmail.com 😉

New entrants

    Race Entry £2 O18 / £1 U18 - on day in cash drop - bring correct change!
    Provisional entries only
    Option of extended route for runners over 16

    Please arrive in good time to park and be ready to run.

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    By paying entrance fee you are agreeing and virtually signing the standard WFRA declaration as shown below and you will abide by whatever national & local guidance/laws are in place during the Covid pandemic - note Welsh Covid rules will apply

    "I understand that this race is held in accordance, and that I have familiarised myself, with the WFRA Safety Code. I confirm that I am aware of the Organiser’s information and requirements in connection with this race. I confirm that I have navigational skills appropriate for this race and will carry throughout the race any equipment specified by the WFRA Safety Code or by the Race Organiser. I accept the hazards involved in fell running and acknowledge that I am entering and running in this race at my own risk. Other than the Organiser’s liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, I confirm that I understand that the Organiser accepts no liability to me for any loss or damage of any nature to myself or property arising out of my participation in this race."

    Confirmation details will be sent following form submission. I am processing manually - please be patient.

    Any personal data is stored only for the purpose of the race and is destroyed shortly thereafter. The data is not shared to anyone other than the RO. This includes both online data, emails and printed entry forms (which are shredded following publication of final race results). The only exception are that the personal contact details of trophy winners are kept (spreadsheet accessible only by the RO and printed copy kept in the race documents store) until the trophy is returned for the next race.