The Horse – Tues 17th Jan

Tues 17th January. 7pm start. £2 per runner. No solo runners. Online entry preferred (likely entry on day available also).

The Horse BM NS

Follows the Cilcain Skyline. Mostly good easy running with a couple of thigh-burn climbs. Checkpoints will be marshalled or punch controls (& MapRun RFID tags if I can figue them out. Note: no geo-punching allowed).

NO SOLO RUNNERS. Pairs, trios, quads or more. Trio’s get 5 min time bonus. Quads & more get 10 min time bonus. Start as a group – finish as a group. Will be chilled out event where you can run with mates or as a club. Good winter leg stretch and pint afterwards.

Prizes likely to be all the tatt I get at Christmas….

Any proceeds from race will go to Cilcain Loos – community run toilets who have done an amazing job since the council decided that public toilets were an inconvenience.

Route is not perscribed so variation between CP3 & CP4 possible

Venue:   White Horse Inn, Cilcain (Postcode CH7 5NN).

Standard WFRA safety equipment must be worn/carried. Toilets available at start which are due to be opened for us.

Age limit:  18.  I will allow younger runners to run with parent/guardian/coach in group – please contact RO.